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September 16, 2023

Experiences happen in our lives that can launch or stall us. The choice is always our own - will we see beyond our current circumstances, or will we stay stuck? Where can we grow and what should we grieve? At The Beyond Conference, we'll explore a variety of ways to find our next steps. Let's go Beyond together.

Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA

9 am - noon

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Brandi Diamond


BCD Ministries LLC




DBT therapist,

Peachtree Comprehensive Health




Deputy Director, Wellspring Living





Open Hand Studio LLC

Brandi Calhoun Diamond believes in sharing kindness and encouragement with others through teaching and spiritual growth. She has a passion for public speaking, ministry, event planning, scheduling, communication, teaching, organization, project management, writing & curriculum. She is an accomplished leader, and enjoys working with groups of all ages - especially kids! She is currently building community through friendly gatherings, fun lifestyle courses, and challenging academic biblical studies.

Nissa has always been called to help people. Whether it be working in retail, nonprofit, or now a therapist, she enjoys being around people and truly listening and problem-solving. Children and teens are whom her passion is for and she encourages them to find their voice and look beyond their brain to find who they are and what their values are.

Christian Murphy believes that the power of connectivity can help her change the world! While attempting to make the world a better place, Christian is happy to be an innovator, risk-taker and champion for women and children. With more than 12 years of non-profit experience as a volunteer manager, fundraiser and event planner, Christian is inspired when able to help others accomplish their goals through their philanthropic endeavors and service.

Amelia is a wife, mother, artist, hostess, and aspiring tennis star. She was born and raised in south Georgia and moved to Atlanta eight years ago with my husband, Brandon. In November 2020 they welcomed their first child, Wilson. This new addition to her family inspired her to leave her in-house design job and venture out on my own.

Beyond Faith: Finding Direction in A Personal Exodus There are seasons of life when spirituality feels dry at best. We are challenged by life circumstances, world news, and personal heartbreak that can leave us empty. How do we find direction in our own personal deserts, when life feels so barren? Together we'll explore relatable stories of faith that center on finding our compass again.

Beyond the Brain: How to Embrace Feelings and Let Go The world has a stigma toward emotions, naming each emotion are either “good” or “bad”. Come join as we learn how to embrace emotions and ground ourselves in our values and let go of control.

Beyond Beauty: Embrace Chaos to Create Peace Our lives are full of joyous and tumultuous moments, but it’s easier to ride the waves when things aren’t choppy right? With burnout at an all-time high, join this session for tangible tools to help you create peace in the middle of a storm.

Beyond Diagnosis: Allowing Physical Disorder to Reveal Sacred Order. Diagnoses are scary - but you don't need a fancy degree or a sophisticated blood test to identify the root of our symptoms. Even the healthiest person on their best day is still human, in itself a genetic disorder that presents us with a wide spectrum of challenges. The key is to let mortality wash over you like swimming under a wave in the ocean. When you try to battle it head on you get smacked in the face, water up your nose, and lose half of your bathing suit. Let's hold our nose (and our bottoms) and go under together.

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