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3, 2, 1... Launch!

Tonight is our launch party, Cheers! I can't wait to officially kick off an in person gathering with friends in our community. So many people I know need some encouragement and kindness right now - and I am thrilled that this is the way we are starting this fun community in person. Don't worry if you can't make it - there is plenty of love to share! I will continue to share more opportunities to get together soon.

There is another kind of launch going on in these days as well, as so many of us launch our kids back to school. I love seeing all the sweet photos of kids going back to school, this year more than ever. A special shout out to the Kindergarten and College parents - both of whom are experiencing a unique and bittersweet launch. No matter if your children are in the nursery or living in their own home, or if you are not a parent but likewise feel the changing tides of the New Year that begins in August more than in January - these days there is definitely a sensation of 3, 2, 1... launch.

Our lives are filled with moments of launch. We count down with enthusiasm, anxiety, tears, and laughter. We are filled with anticipation of what is next and fear of it at the same time. What we need is a circle of friends that anticipates the launch with us. We don't have to be in the same ship - but we can all understand the experience of being on the cusp of something new.

In the next few weeks, my new and improved website will be launching. I recently some professional photos made. I have a lot of ideas of new ways to connect, gather, serve, and encourage one another. I have more exciting news to share coming soon.

I'm ready to launch into what's next. I'd love to hear what's on your heart too. Let's countdown together - we've got this!

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