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Today marks the ending of the month

Tomorrow a new beginning

And while tomorrow looks like spring

I can't help but think of endings

There is a finality to closing the door behind us

Even if there is a marvelous road trip ahead

There is a goodbye in every leaving

Even when there is goodness ahead

Sometimes the way forward is blurry

And it is hard to see the sun

Sometimes we imagine there may never been sun again

And we ask how we can keep breathing when the worst has come undone

It is then that we must wrap ourselves in Love

Love like a blanket pulled around our shoulders

We must look for the smallest glimmer of Hope

Hope like the tiny green sprouting from the concrete

For the only constant is the deep and abiding love of God

And the desire to live, just one day, one breath at a time

Because sometimes we are called to go - to another place, to another space

Leaving behind so much

Trusting that there is more to come

Believing that each ending is in truth a new beginning

And that friends will walk with us on the journey

Move forward knowing that you are held tightly by Love and by Hope

Even if right now you aren't sure

Today marks an ending

Tomorrow - a new beginning

The days of Lent can be dark. The promise of Easter is coming.

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning. -Louis L'Amour

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