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Helping you find peace you crave, people you love, and priorities you need.


Rachel F.

"Brandi gives light and life to all that she does. We met several years ago when she became the Director of Children’s Ministries at our church. She created such an impact with her vision that I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and what a blessing that has been. Her vision, inspiration, and enthusiasm, coupled with her beauty and warmth as a leader, gave life to the program, built a foundation, and made a huge impact on my children (and entire family!) We are so grateful for Brandi’s leadership, inspiration, and above all friendship- she is such a gift and has been a blessing to us!"

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Angelique B.

"BE has been a wonderful experience connecting with women that I wouldn't have met otherwise. Sharing life experiences and learning how to BE a better person with this group has enriched my life."


Catie S.

"Brandi is extremely talented, thoughtful, and kind. Her classes and community groups bring so much joy to my life, and my family's life. Brandi’s courses have helped me to embrace my spirituality while connecting and reconnecting with new and old friends. Brandi is a mentor to me while also serving as a community ambassador. Brandi’s knowledge of the Christian faith coupled with her kindness, selflessness, and wisdom are woven into each of her course offerings. Her course content is inspirational and unique and have brought so much balance and perspective to my life while strengthening my relationship with God.”

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Kelsie C.

"I’m currently taking my third course with Brandi. Each class has left me inspired, eager to look at the subject, and life, in a different way than before. Brandi’s passion for teaching the Bible and history is evident in every class she creates. I highly recommend making Brandi’s classes a regular part of your personal Bible study or curiosity outlet!"

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Melissa W.

"Brandi Calhoun Diamond is a thoughtful and thought-provoking spiritual formation leader and friend. She cares deeply for her students and fellow journeyers as we seek God's light and love. She offers gracious space to wrestle with our questions. She holds authentic light and love for those who are grieving and celebrates with abandon for life's little and big victories. I encourage you to sign up for all her classes. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, you will find a warm and inviting place to encounter God and who God created you to be."


Megan W.

"Brandi is one of the most exceptional people I know.  Her abilities, knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm know no bounds.  She is a natural leader and teacher and she’s a true friend to everyone. 
If you are looking for someone to help you grow in a particular area of your life or if you need to work through concerns or problems you are experiencing, I can think of no one better to help you achieve your goals then Brandi.  She’s the best!"

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