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This is not coffee & donuts.

This is not a quick hit of caffeine and sugar. This is substance. This is nourishment. 


This feeds you. This changes you. 

This quenches your thirst for knowledge.

This fortifies your brain and fuels your heart. 

This is a long lingering love story that you’ll want to savor.


If you are tired and overwhelmed, this is for you.

If you are seeking peace in a chaotic world, this is for you.

If you look at your to-do list and don’t like what you see, this is for you.

This is a community of friends like no other - a sacred circle where you can just be yourself.


Because you don’t need a little place to meet, greet, and eat. You don’t need paper cups and little packets of some kind of fake creamer. You don’t need meaningless conversation with people who quickly forget your name. You don’t need to drag yourself out the door ONE. MORE. TIME.  this week in uncomfortable shoes.


You need authenticity and a place to breathe.

You need to know you aren’t alone - and you need to decide what really matters.

You need a safe space to ask questions and process the struggles.

You need some good news and a word of kindness in a challenging and chaotic world.



If you’re content with the way things have always been, enjoy your coffee and donuts. That is still a choice, and it is yummy while it lasts.


But if you are searching for something deeper, you’ve found it. 


Peace is worth it. Let’s connect to your spirituality.

People are worth it. Let’s have some fun and get social.

Priorities are worth it. Let’s focus on what matters and get centered


It’s your turn.

Stop holding your breath.

You’ve been spiritually starved and run ragged, and enough is enough.


It's time to get serious about living well, loving yourself, and listening to that inner voice. You don’t have to linger by the coffee and donuts counter anymore. Come find your chair. Come sit at our table. There is something more substantial and sustaining waiting. 


Your place is set. We’re ready for you. Let’s get started.


Our Story

Our work began in 2021 as a way to create a positive influence on our community of neighbors. Fueled by the desire to impact friends facing everyday stresses, Brandi started to form a variety of groups that addressed questions around peace, people, and priorities. The answers have focused on ways to engage life by connecting to our spirituality, creating trusted social communities, and finding what matters most so that we can be centered. All of our groups help us find ways to follow the Greatest Commandment - how we love God, love others, and love ourselves (Matthew 22:37). Pull up a chair and join our sanctuary of friends!

We're changing the ways people can live their lives

loving God,

loving others,

and loving themselves.

About Brandi 

Brandi Calhoun Diamond believes in sharing kindness and encouragement with others through teaching and spiritual growth. She has a passion for public speaking, ministry, event planning, scheduling, communication, teaching, organization, project management, writing & curriculum. She is an accomplished leader, and enjoys working with groups of all ages - especially kids! She is currently building community through friendly gatherings, fun lifestyle courses, and challenging academic biblical studies.


Brandi earned her Master of Divinity at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Religion from Berry College. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. 

All the fine print

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