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“Why do you charge for your groups as someone in ministry? Can’t I do this kind of thing for free somewhere else?”

When it comes to growth in any area, we all know it takes a commitment and an investment. Even those things that “feel” like they are free have hidden expenses or stewardship campaigns. And - when it comes to our spiritual lives in particular, we have mainly been exposed to opportunities where we just show up and listen. The groups I offer are interactive, with opportunities to connect with some amazing people, engage and ask questions, and find solutions that are relevant to you - where you are, right now. This is personalized service - not a blend in and try to fit in experience.

Also - as a solopreneur, I am dedicated to charging for my groups so that I can continue to create more positive impact in our neighborhood. I love giving back to our community, and I can, thanks to people like you!

Initially, it may feel strange to try something new and make a financial commitment, but I can assure you that you’ll come away with practical life tools, new friends, and an increased sense of calm. That’s worth your time - and your investment.

If you want to chat further about our gatherings to see if we are a good fit to help you find peace you crave, people you love, and priorities you need - send me a DM! Many new groups are starting in August - I’d love to find a spot for you that you’ll love. ⭐️

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