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One of my dreams is to lift other women and give them encouragement and space. That is why I am launching a brand new concept - check out the information on LIFT below.

I'm so pleased to have my first Lift be for my daughter Bailey. She has a great blog and website that she works so hard on, and I am so proud of the work she does on the Daily Bailey. She agreed for me to share some of her latest work, and I thought her last blog post was such a powerful message for us all. Check out this message from Bailey Diamond:

This week is a CLEAN SLATE. We can be whatever we want to be, achieve our highest goals, and create immense joy. Take a mental look at last week. How did it go for you? Is there anything you want to improve on or shift? How can you actively engage your mind this week to create your ideal reality?

As I go into this new week, I want to be incredibly in tune to myself. I want to pay attention to my mental desires and needs, and serve my mind and soul accordingly. I want to maintain a positive mindset, and dwell on uplifting thoughts, because I know that the thoughts I dwell on ultimately define my situations and interactions. We do not have control over where the cards fall this week, and we can't foresee the future. BUT, we can control our own mindset- the ways we speak to ourselves internally, the ways we approach situations, and our interpretations of the world around us...

This day has potential. It holds unbreakable good energy. So does tomorrow, so does the next day. How can you invest in JOY on a daily basis this week? How can you tune in to your DESIRES and GOALS? What can you shift in your routine or mindset that would lead you to peace in your life this week?

I'm so proud of my daughter, and I am also grateful to know she is one of so many talented women in my life. There is so much untapped potential all around us - I love hearing about your passions! How can I LIFT you up? Do you have a class you'd love to teach, a small group you'd like to lead, a blog to share, a new and powerful idea that needs a place to start? I'd love to share your love and leadership with our community. Check out LIFT on the registration page. I'd love to hear from you.

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