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A Toast -

Here's to... All we have to celebrate.

My daughter Bailey turns 20 today. 20! That girl lights up my life. As a little preemie weighing less than 3 lbs at birth, I just look at her with such gratitude every day.

My son Taylor graduated yesterday from New York University at Yankee Stadium - and graduates again today from his NYU program Tisch School of the Arts at Radio City Music Hall. (Taylor Swift was his commencement speaker!) I am so stinkin' proud of him! Wow!

We can be in person at these celebrations again. We can fully participate in joy.

I am also celebrating this circle of life giving joy with each of you. This little community of fun, faith, and friends is growing every day. Here's to all of you who join me for the laughs, the struggles, the journey of growth. Thanks for taking a chance on my crazy classes, for investing yourself in something new.

I was in a difficult place a year ago today. I was stressed, anxious, extremely burnt out, exhausted but couldn't sleep. I do not take lightly all I have to toast today. I look around me today and cannot stop counting the blessings, the gratitude for the simple every day joy of being around others and doing life together.

Here's to the summer - to vacation - to parties and celebrations - to friendships - to love - to hope. For YOU and for all YOU celebrate today - for all YOU mean to me - here's me raising a glass.

I can't wait to see you soon. Here's to you.

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