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Ask Yourself

As some of you know, my husband John works for Chick-fil-A. Each year we have the opportunity to go a trip where we can learn and grow and catch up with old friends. After a hiatus last year when plans were cancelled due to Covid, it was energizing to be in Nashville for Chick-fil-A Next these past few days.

One of the speakers, Ryan Leak, made a big impact on me at the conference. Ryan suggests we should always be asking ourselves these three questions:

  • What is it like to be on the other side of me? How would I feel if I was receiving what I am putting out? How do my words and actions affect others?

  • How can I get better? Ryan suggests inviting a few people you trust to give you honest feedback. He says intellectual humility is knowing we could be wrong - about anything. Practice listening and empathy as you learn.

  • What has most of my attention? Do you own your schedule or does your schedule own you? Ryan reminded everyone that we will always MAKE time for what we value most - so take time to ask yourself what that truly is.

Over the next few days, take a little time to ask yourself these questions. See how the answers might help you grow and thrive.

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