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Be Bolder

Tomorrow I move my daughter back into college at CU Boulder. It is a fun and bittersweet time. I love the opportunities my kids have had in college, but it is always hard as a mom to walk away from them - even when they are embarking on great adventures.

When Bailey was accepted to CU Boulder, they sent her a poster that said "Be Boulder." The play on words was brilliant and yet so simple. I can't help but think of that now as a personal call as well - how can I be bolder in my life as well?

Whether going back to school, heading to work, living our lives - our world is a place that requires boldness, defined as the ability to take risks, to be confident and courageous. But what if being bold was also more subtle, like truly listening to others? Showing empathy? Resting instead of running? Trying something new? As you go about your week this week, think of what being bold means to you and how you can show this attribute in even small ways.

If this type of conversation intrigues you, consider joining us for BE. Details are on our registration page. Also, today is the last day to register for Genesis, where we will study some very human characteristics for the good and the bad. Hope to see you soon.

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