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Celebrate Everything

When my kids were small, there was a little mail order company I loved that had the cutest holiday decor items. At one point, I had a wooden sign from them that I loved. It said "Celebrate Everything," and it had little elements of different holidays around it. A heart for Valentine's Day, a pumpkin for Halloween, and so on. I loved it.

Every year I enjoy getting out items for each of the holidays. So many of the things I love best are pieces of art work my kids made, and many of those were under the tutelage of the wonderful Art Chicks. (I know I am not alone in loving the art they created with our kids through the years!) Now that my kids are older and away at college, I don't decorate as much as I used to, but I still enjoy pulling out items that help me remember how fun it is to celebrate.

Celebrating can be exhausting. It can be too much sometimes. And yet, we need the reminders to celebrate as often as we can. I honestly do not think you will ever look back on a celebration and think of it as wasted time. Every birthday party, every special dinner, every card, even fond goodbyes - these are the things that are so memorable in life.

I was recently with a group where we discussed the experience of being applauded. I don't mean on a stage for a performance - these were unique experiences where a person was applauded just for being there, for being loved, for being appreciated. They don't come along very often, and maybe you've never experienced it - but I hope you do. And when it happens, may you be appropriately humbled by the outpouring of love.

Think of it - what would happen if we just celebrated everything? If we offered blessings freely? If we focused on the beauty and goodness available to us as often as possible? If we expressed deep gratitude? If we took time to encourage others?

You know - it honestly isn't that hard. It doesn't take almost any time to send a text, make a call, mail an Amazon package, send a Venmo, write a card, post a photo. It doesn't have to cost anything - and if it does, it doesn't have to cost much. What if we just celebrated everything? Because it means *everything* to feel celebrated.

Sadly, my Celebrate Everything sign was broken years ago. I miss that cute little sign from time to time, because I need the reminder. We all do.

This weekend I am celebrating a birthday. I am getting older, but I am also incredibly grateful to *be* getting older - the alternative isn't one I prefer. Instead, I get to celebrate, with gratitude, another trip around the sun. I hope to leave the world a little better and a little brighter than I found it if I can. And that includes celebrating - just a simple look around shows so many joys that deserve a moment of recognition! Break out the party hats, the horns, and the streamers! Why not?

As Viola Davis said, "Once a life is done, the only thing that's left behind is how much you influenced the world and impacted a life." What can you celebrate this week? Who needs a pick me up? Maybe it is you. Celebrate everything - with thanksgiving. I promise - you will not regret it. Here's to more confetti.

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