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Celebrate Good Times, C'Mon!

The last few weeks have been such a joyous time of celebration for me. I am so thankful for so much. It seemed like a great time to remind everyone how important it is to celebrate what we have in life while we can!

Years ago when my children were small, a friend used to tease me because I always kept "emergency cupcake supplies." I found it was so easy to have some cake mix, muffin liners, and canned frosting on hand, along with a few candles. You never knew when a need would arise to throw a little celebration. I was often grateful to have those simple things on hand to celebrate in a hurry. We witnessed a good many pop up birthdays, celebrations, and encouragement needed moments.

For my recent birthday, my friend Shannon made me real-not-out-of-a-box cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing - my favorite kind. It was a delicious and incredibly thoughtful gift. What a joy to be gifted with celebration cupcakes, made for me with time and care!

In recent years as my kids have grown, I rarely have emergency cupcakes on hand. But why not? We just need to look around us to find a need or a joy. When we pay attention to what others say and do, we will never be at a loss to share love and celebration. Who can you bless this week with a phone call, time together, or cupcakes? Take the time to celebrate the little things, because that is what really matters most.

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