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March is a tricky month for me. I always come into March feeling a little blue. I've had some tough memories in March, and I consistently find myself waiting to spring clean, organize, and get going on new things. The timing is right and it is also a good distraction for some tough days. By the end of the month, however, there are brighter days and good things to celebrate. March just makes me feel intensely all the highs and lows of a changing season.

For the last ten years or so, I've used March as a time for visioning. It is a great time to plan ahead. The beginning of the year is over, summer plans are coming together in one way or another, and I honestly love looking toward the fall in March. Some friends start to moan as soon as I say it. "I can't even think about tomorrow," they say. "I refuse to look past May - that is all I can do." Hey - I get it. But those feelings are also why I started this March habit some years ago. I was tired of my calendar planning me instead of me planning my calendar.

Instead, I can start making some steps toward what is coming soon. That is a process that is filled with joy and excitement. I love planning some trips, putting together my next round of groups, and feeling all the ways I make sure my calendar reflects my values. Not gonna lie - this all feels soooo GOOD!

I've learned how to do this and do it well. It is so important to me that it is a fundamental aspect of what we discuss in my SALT class. So, if this sounds helpful to you, go ahead and check out the fall dates and make it a commitment. Here is a review from our first round last fall:

I am so glad I took the time to take SALT! I feel like I have learned what I need in order to be my best self and have been given permission to put myself first. I did a lot of soul searching over the 12 weeks and definitely feel more grounded, less overwhelmed and better equipped to make decisions about future opportunities. This class asked some tough, but important questions and I'm grateful to Brandi for asking them!

SALT is coming soon. Also, try our FREE See Salt class - it is online, has great tips, and helps you SEE if SALT is for you. Also returning will be our premier series Be, Be More, Be Less - and now Be VIP. The Five is coming back for couples. Our weekly in person Bible Study group is returning, and a new online group looks to be forming. And SO. MUCH. MORE.

I'd encourage you to use March as a time to decide what you want your life to look like. I'm here to help - and it is an absolute joy to do so. Let me know how to resource you - and check out all that is coming soon - this page will keep being updated as plans keep rolling out!

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Betty Lou
Betty Lou
Mar 07

I can completely relate to your feelings. I'm a planner! In the first qtr of the year, my husband and I make plans about our year. We discuss what we want to accomplish in regards to our home and travel life. A few years ago, I always put my career first in my planning for the new year. But in this season of life, I'm asking a lot of qts to professional women who have retired and what that transition was like for them. Once I decide to stop working, I don't want to look back or have any regrets. I got a small taste of SALT at a retreat and it really was helpful.

Replying to

Thank you so much Betty Lou! I loved reading your comments. I'm excited to see you in a few weeks for Henry VIII. I am so glad that small taste of SALT was helpful to you - and so grateful you shared!

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