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Fall is my favorite time of the year. I like to go about "fall-ing" early, because I've decided if I just pretend then the weather will be cooler. It seems like in Atlanta in recent years there are just two seasons - Hot & Cold. It makes me even more determined to create fall, if only in my head. I started using Harvest Joy in my diffuser this week. I ordered some décor. I'm holding off only slightly on all things pumpkin.

If you love fall-ing as much as me, I hope you'll join in the next community gathering Boos You Can Use. We'll be creating a service project / neighbor gift (you decide your recipient), as well as hanging out together listening to our special playlist (see below!), catching up, and sharing around the table. All the details are below - I would love to have you join us. Visit with some old friends, make some new friends, and enjoy a fall party with a purpose. Come Fall with us.

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