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I have a couple of sweet friends who tease me that I never make mistakes. My response is always to think, "just stick around for a few minutes - you'll definitely see a mistake coming soon." We ALL have our mess ups, some big, some small.

A few years ago I made a dumb comment at a football game that I still get made fun of for - and it was one of those things that once explained seemed incredibly obvious. How did I miss it? Or, when traveling, I've stopped to ask directions and had the person literally just point directly behind me. Certainly seemed obvious after that. I had no idea what a nickname stood for, and upon asking, felt like a complete idiot.

But these are minor mistakes in the big spectrum of life, and ones I can laugh about easily. But there are others that aren't so easy to joke about. Party fouls, blunders, miscalculations, and blank outs are every day occurrences for most of us. But what about the really big mess ups? I dare not even start to list those - but certainly we all have at least one thing if not a long list that comes to mind.

As the year slowly draws to a close and we start to look toward January, we can be tempted to set new goals of all the ways we are going to be "better" in 2023. I'd like to ask you to slow down first and join us for a little Fizzle: A Celebration of Mess Ups. Take a break from the holidays to let go of all expectations and just love on yourself and others who want to be real. Let's laugh, connect, and raise a glass to learning from the hard stuff. Come as casual as you want. Snacks and drinks are all included, along with a special takeaway. This is a great way to end one year and prepare for the next.

I can't wait to Fizzle with you. These mess ups are just start ups. Let's grow together.

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