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Here we go -

Welcome to 2024! I am not a resolutions person, but I do love turning a fresh leaf.

Last year I had a word that I used throughout the year to remind myself of some important things I needed to believe, change, or discover about myself. It was a great experience and I am planning to do the same this year as well.

What would your word be for 2024? What does this year look like for you? How do you want to grow, where do you want to go, what do you want to release?

I'd love to hear your hopes, dreams, and plans for the year ahead. I hope it will include, as a part of your plans, one of our upcoming groups. But whatever your plans are - I'd love to be a friend and a cheerleader for you.

I started this community in 2021, and in the first newsletter I ever sent out I shared this, When I was in middle school, I didn't make the cheerleading team. It was a heartbreaking experience for a 7th grader, especially when my parents found out there were some adults behaving unfairly in the process. It was so difficult as a kid to even try to understand what had happened and why. But later I saw how this experience had changed the trajectory of my life in a positive way - who my friends were, what my interests became, and so much more. And while I may not have been a middle school cheerleader, the love I had for cheering for others would create in me a lifelong passion of encouragement - especially for kids. How can I cheer for you and your family?

I still share that same sentiment today and I hope you'll call on me as a friend, an accountability partner, a spiritual companion, a cheerleader, a confetti thrower, hype gal - I'd love to be continue to be a part of your circle in 2024. Here we go!

Email me at to connect!

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