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Many of us have always found history pretty boring. I know personally it was never made interesting to me in school, focused on what seemed like never ending monotone speak with tons of facts and figures. It was the past - why did it matter?

I was very fortunate in my master's program to be exposed to some excellent, and incredibly challenging, history classes. Everything turned around for me when I had a teacher who brought the stories to life and allowed us to feel all the feelings about history - anger, celebration, heartbreak, awe. A lot of "You're kidding!" and "WHAT!? That really happened?" came about for me in those classes.

When we don't know history, we make serious mistakes. Whether it is knowing some family history that might help us with preventative health care, to world history that might help us understand stories we hear on the news and how we might vote - we need to pay attention. Otherwise, as they say, "history repeats itself." That happens because we don't bother to learn about, or from, those before us.

A few weeks ago the Queen of England passed away, after 70 years of service, at the age of 96. A lot of things will be happening in England that haven't happened in a long time. It is estimated that 85% of those living in the area have only experienced the reign of Elizabeth II. This long term leadership hasn't often been the case - the ups and downs of the monarchy in England (and across Europe) have had major impacts on history. One of the most memorable kings of England was Henry VIII - and not just because of his six wives. This is an incredible story of someone you can point to in history - who, if their life had just been slightly different - would never have been king at all.

Think this is old news? Yes and no. It is truly a romp through history - and it is SPICY. Sex, murder, mayhem, and much more. There is never a dull moment in the reign of Henry VIII. It is honestly drop jawed history.

But so what, right? Why would we care? The story of Henry VIII actually has profoundly lasting effects which continues today with the way you worshipped the last time you were in church - the politics you likely just heard on the news - and the understanding you have of faith.

This is one of our most requested classes. Join us (online, Tuesdays from 12-1 for 5 weeks) for a fun and fast paced crash course with lasting impact. Last day to register is 10/6; class begins 10/18. Come be part of the fun - and help us keep history from repeating itself! More information and registration can be found here.

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