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Let's Come to Terms

There are some situations in which we don't want to face the truth, even if we know it. What seems obvious to others isn't always obvious to us. In II Samuel 12, the prophet Nathan tells a parable about a man and a sheep to try to get King David to see himself in the lesson, but David doesn't get it. After hearing the story, David demands the man in the story should die for his actions. Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!..."

Similarly, Jesus often taught in parables. Parabolic teaching shares a story that allows us to see ourselves from the side, because sometimes that mirror image is too strong. It is often a simple story with a moral takeaway. But just like David, we don't always see ourselves or the truth of a situation in the midst of it. Hindsight can be a gift, but often the damage has already been done.

Recently I saw Mel Robbins briefly note "Three Things To Come to Terms With." For me personally, this was a list I really needed to hear. It was a mirror held up that I have returned to again and again. They felt like a bit of a sucker punch, but also weirdly a blessing.

What do you need to face head on, without the benefit of the sideways view of a parable? What have you been putting off? For most of us, we are thankfully not faced with anything as dire as David's situation. But most likely each of us has a bit of wisdom we need to hear, some gentle guidance, some frank conversation.

Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:15 to "speak the truth in love" in order to grow. It matters when we listen to others, when we speak to others, and can also apply to how we talk to ourselves.

May you hear the truth you need to hear this week. May it be spoken to you in love, from others or from your own heart. May you have the courage to face the mirror and to take the next step.

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