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Dreaming + Fireworks

Dreaming and firecrackers may not seem to naturally go hand in hand - one seems quiet, while the other seems loud. One seems thoughtful, the other seems risky. One seems peaceful, the other seems exciting.

For me personally, I am feeling a great connection between dreaming and firecrackers. As I explore what's next, I have so many ideas. I feel like I am literally dreaming fireworks - the ideas keep bursting in my mind and heart. I have so many plans ready to come to life! But first, I am listening and exploring, I am thinking and risk taking. I am prayerful and ready for action. Dreaming and firecrackers - necessary partners it seems in taking a leap of faith.

The most dynamic part of this experience is that I can tell I am not alone. I have had the honor of talking with many of you in person over the last few weeks and I am experiencing so much synergy as I listen. I want to hear more. This all starts with knowing what YOU need and what YOU dream about. My dream and my calling starts with what lights the firecrackers for YOU.

There are big things on the horizon! I can't wait to dream fireworks together.

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