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Never Have I Ever

Have you played the game called Never Have I Ever? If not, here is the simple premise. The game starts with the person who is "It" starting the sentence "Never have I ever..." and adding an activity they have never done before. For example (let's keep this version clean!), "Never have I ever gone to Australia." Anyone who HAS done that action - in this case, gone to Australia - must take a step forward. Or give up a token of some sort. Or take a drink. You get the idea. The goal is that you have never done something a lot of other people have done so that you are the last person - er, standing.

Well, I think this turn of phrase also works well for the things we do here. If you said "Never have I ever been to a group that is fun that studies the Bible... " you. might end up losing the game - because most people can relate to that. Most people have never had the interest or the experience of having a chance to study together or talk about faith in a way that felt fun, inviting, open, filled with laughter, space for questions. I know in my line of work that I always have to explain what I do, and that I am not "that person" when it comes to faith. There are no hard sales here, no pressure, no judgement. All you need to bring along is curiosity. Because my guess is that Never Have You Ever had an experience like this before.

We have a traditional biblical studies group - but right now that group is at capacity. Would you like to start a new group? Let me know and I'll work with your schedule and your friends to find a time that works. We have an online group that meets over lunch that does different theological topics - bring your snacks and join us. Looking for some fellowship and fun? Come fill your bucket once a month at Bucket Club.

These are just a few examples of our upcoming groups and gatherings. They all start in just a few weeks so take a look at our registration page and see if something floats your boat before these groups close.

My hope is you can win the game by saying "Never have I ever been to a boring group for engaging in the Bible / faith / theology..." I hope you can experience something brand new when it comes to faith - a circle of good people, talking about things that really matter, in a warm & safe space, where you can just be yourself. This kind of space is long overdue - and I hope if you are looking for it, you'll find it with us.

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