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not a lot going on at the moment...

In April 2020, Taylor Swift posted a simple photo on Instagram with the caption, “Not a lot going on at the moment.” Many fans related, seeing as how we were deep in the throes of Covid. But - they also knew that Swift is famous for leaving "Easter eggs" - little clues of what IS going on. And this phrase was prime code language. Coming from a printed t-shirt she wore for a previous music video, Swift's fans instantly lit up to the message - because, there was, in fact, A LOT going on at the moment. She was hard at work on a new album, and all was soon to be revealed.

The message rings true for me right now as well. As we slowly inch toward the end of the school year, my community of friends has jam packed schedules. Even those without young kids still find themselves tied to the school calendar when it comes to when to take or avoid vacation, traffic patterns, and scheduling conflicts at work. In these weeks, I am finishing up more than eight groups that have been meeting throughout the year on a consistent basis. We are winding things up in my work and I too am looking forward to a break. In some ways it feels like "not a lot going on at the moment," as I slow down for my friends in these weeks when their lives are at break neck speed.

And yet...

If you take a look over at my registration page you'll see that A LOT is actually going on at the moment. Things are slowly and surely coming together for the fall - and there is a very special event coming this summer. I'm so thrilled with the new offerings and options coming, and I'm steadily working at creating some fantastic groups. The balance of time between "not a lot going on" and "actually a lot going on" is very relatable these days!

In no way do I have the schedule of Taylor Swift, but I love her inspiration and how she is making a big difference in the world in many ways. I hope in my circle of influence I can make a big difference too. Think of this as Healthy Spirituality - Brandi's Version. Come on and make plans now to join us in some of the fun things ahead.

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