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Pay Attention

It is so hard to pay attention right now,

and yet there's so much that requires our attention.

Juggling the plates,

walking the tightrope -

balance, concentration, or disaster.


Why can't I focus?

So used to bits and pieces of information


that it requires a specialized skill to just



make the next move.

And yet -

I missed the turn,

but was rerouted past serendipity.

Huh, I said to no one in particular. Look at that.

If I hadn't have missed it, I would have missed this.

And this is a little wink from above that invites me to

pay attention.

I checked the route and watched the map

but you took me another way

and it seemed to take too long and went too slow

but who knows what you helped me avoid?

I blew a kiss to what I went past instead.

I said hello to what was on this journey.

I put down the heavy bags I had been carrying.

Huh. Look at that.

Thank you for helping me pay attention

To stop running like I was racing

To stop pushing the boulder up the hill

To stop wrestling by the river

and instead

to stretch

to release

to sit by that flowing water and let it heal me.

In this busy season, find me

breathe life into me

help me to see the back roads not as a burden but as beautiful.

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