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Phoenix Era

As our world changes seasons, my body is keeping pace. I keep bursting into flames, like someone has literally plugged me into an outlet. I want to make this whole life experience a little bit cooler - literally - so I'll channel the concert of the year, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. I'm naming this season of life as my Phoenix Era. I'm embracing it. My birthday was last weekend and I'm celebrating this crazy time.

Phoenixes have long been part of mythology, as they burst into flames and then rise from the ashes. Cities from modern Atlanta to ancient Rome have adopted them as a symbol of their spirit. J.K. Rowling introduced us to Fawkes in the Harry Potter series, introducing the phoenix to a new generation (along with the story of Guy Fawkes). They live for a long time because of their burning days and rebirth. Early Christianity embraced the phoenix as an allegory for the resurrection story. They were known to be strong, and fast, and wise. Their tears had healing power.

I've had some hard times, but I've risen up, and I'm rising up. I've faced some sadness, but my tears have had healing power. I have the exquisite hope of new life blossoming tenderly out of the ashes. I am strong and wise - and I know it. My body is working hard to make changes in a new season of life, and I'm uncomfortably sweating and surging - but what a transformation. I can't wait to see what I get to become next, what I get to do next, what is ahead as I continue to become.

I'm not alone. You have faced your own challenges. You are considering your own problems today. You may not be where I am on the birthday milestone chart, but wherever you are, you can still have your own Phoenix Era. You don't have to wait for your body to do it for you. Light it up baby. Your power fans the flames of new life, new ideas, new seasons, new eras. Your faith holds a torch to light the way. Lean into your beautiful, amazing, helpful, healing body - and celebrate that you are here today. Do good in the world. We need your fire. Welcome to the Phoenix Era.

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