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So. Much. Fun!

So. Much. Fun! I know it is the Christmas season, so don't panic - but it is time to go grab your calendars for 2022 because FUN is what we have in store, and you do not want to miss it!


I have been hard at work planning for the winter and spring, and I hope you'll find something below that is a great fit for YOU. Today is the last day to sign up for Bucket Club - a once a month Friday morning gathering December - May - so far it is an amazing group of people and we'd love to add you if you haven't already signed up. Then - one of my favorite all time courses - Henry VIII is a non stop rowdy romp through history that actually affects how you worship every Sunday. Spirit Box orders are open again for Lent or a subscription, and I am already curating the contents. We all need help from time to time, so check out Friends Helping Friends, a new way to connect and serve others. Tuesday morning Bible study continues with Rise & Fall, which will take us through til May, and the content is absolutely fascinating. Last but not least (at least for now...), our next community gathering (who am I kidding? This is a party!) will bring us together during the season of love to remember to take care of US - Love Yourself is February 3.

This is the perfect time to plan to join us - I am breathless with excitement at all that lies ahead (ask anyone who comes to my classes - I am always trying to catch my breath first class of a series, because I am SO stinking excited)! Come join the fun! I promise 100% you'll be glad you did.

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