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Summer is a time to consider the space we have in our lives. What is weighing heavy on our hearts? What needs time and attention? Are we taking this time to experience a break, or are these weeks just the same as any other time of year except with less structure and more heat?

If you find yourself like many of us, you are tired. You are still spinning out from May, while being in charge of creating "even more fun" via your Summer Persona. There are times that this feels wonderful, and times it feels like you're drowning. So, how do we create space?

Now, maybe more than ever, we need to experience and share love and support. With an unending news cycle of violence and political stress, where do we find space? With social media and cultural messages constantly telling us we are too much or too little, where do we find space? With family demands and job responsibilities, where do we find space?

For me, finding a space has come to mean being surrounded by people I trust and help build me up. It is a space that is filled with truth tellers, who can tell me painful things I need to hear with love and care. It is a space where I have a hype team that on some level helps me feel the ways I should that the world takes away from me. It is space that reminds me that GOD LOVES US - rather than starting with all the people "that are different and therefore we don't like."

Life can be hard. Sometimes it is just a hard day. Sometimes it is just a hard hour. Do YOU have a safe space to land? Are YOU a safe person for others to share their difficulties? Are YOU cheering on others?

I hope more than you could ever know that each of you reading this immediately thinks of those faces that come to mind and help you define space in your life. If you don't have that space, or you desire more of it, or you hope to be an influencer of safety and love for others, join us. That is always the goal in our gatherings. I hope you would find a space you love in this little community, that grows into a larger sense of what you need in this world.

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