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Spooky Season

Halloween is just a few days away, and there is such a fun, spooky vibe in the air. (And - today is my mom's birthday - Happy Birthday Moma!) I love the energy you can feel as trick or treat draws closer. I love seeing the costumes of my friends' kids and miss the days of neighborhood parties in the cul-de-sac.

But - I don't like to be scared.

My threshold for fear has greatly declined in the last few years. And - the truth is, all of us have fears we are facing, ones that don't end with a piece of candy and a smile from a friendly neighbor. While Halloween allows us to dress up and pretend for a little while to be someone we are not, we are still us under the costumes. Soon enough after the evening of fun, we face ourselves again the mirror. Faces washed, pajamas on - tomorrow is still coming.

Although I haven't confirmed this myself, there are an estimated 365 times the Bible tells us not to fear. If that is true, we could read one different reminder each day of the year to not be afraid. Yet, fear and worry seem to take up a lot of space for many of us. In scary movies, we always know things aren't going to go well when someone wanders off alone - we don't need to live life that way. During this spooky season, make a commitment to see if you can face one of your fears - it may be small, it may be large - but take a good hard look at it.

If you need or want a friend to come alone beside you, let me know. I may be a scaredy cat - but I'm not scared to face spooky season together.

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