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Tables are everywhere we go.

We gather with family and eat around them.

We sign important papers on them.

We stack our items there as we come through the doors.

They have so many uses.

And yet more happens in the chairs than on the table.

Consider, take a look.

Who sits with you?

Who do you miss?

Who have you confronted across the table?

Who have you kicked under the table?

Where do you have a seat at the table?

Where are you not allowed?


Jesus taught around tables.

And - Jesus turned over tables.

The table serves as a place of connection -

and a place of brokenness.

The chairs hold us, and all we bring

to the table.

May you consider your own tables.

May you consider your own chairs.

May you find yourself invited to take your seat.

May peace - acceptance - love - and joy

be the dishes you serve.

Be so confident in knowing what you bring to the table that you're willing to eat alone until you find the right table. @womanfirstclass

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