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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Andy Williams thought it was the Christmas season, "with the kids jingle belling, and everyone telling you be of good cheer!" And those are wonderful days, but listen more carefully and you'll note the lyrics, "there'll be parties for hosting... marshmallows for toasting...there'll be scary ghost stories..."

Perhaps the most wonderful time of the year is fall instead. I am easily sold. My birthday is this month, and I *love* September. In Atlanta, I love as we anticipate the temperatures lowering - we like to pretend it is happening now but it probably won't be until November. I love Halloween and I wish I had more trick or treaters because I love them too. I love watching fall episodes of Gilmore Girls. I love going to the mountains and getting fresh apples. I love days when it is too hot for a jacket and too cool without one.

Just like the seasons we experience each year, we all have seasons of life as well. Recently I have had several people remark on how happy I have been looking. One friend, who I haven't seen in a little more than a year, remarked the other day how she didn't realize how sad and tired I'd been looking when she saw me last, and that she could really tell a difference. Another friend remarked on how happy I looked on recent travels. Yet another friend said how much they love my smile.

My kids have both shared stories lately where I could just hear them smiling, I could feel their happy hearts. A friend of mine had such unexpected happy news recently - it made me feel happy too! Another friend is seeing goodness through an unexpected career change. There just are some very positive vibes in the air.

I started thinking, Joy looks good on people. Travel looks good on people. Love looks good on people. Smiles, nice weather, good news, being noticed, having fun - it all looks good on you. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled? When was the last time you felt the joy of happiness? What season of life are you in right now?

We all have winters where we need to cocoon - or life feels cozy. Springs where we are blossoming - or maybe it is storming. Summers where we feel hot and depleted - or we find ourselves dancing at a beach party. Fall - where things begin to die - but we have hayrides - and pumpkin spice latte.

The seasons come and go. I hope you enjoy the one you are in - I hope you find yourself in the most wonderful time of your year. Or, maybe that is just around the corner. Wherever you are, may you be surrounded with those who bear witness to your goodness, who celebrate your happiness, and who stand with you in your heartbreak.

Even when we are pretending it is fall when it isn't - our hearts long for the joy to come, the anticipation of the next good thing. I'm here for it. We've got this. We've got each other. Let's enjoy every minute!

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