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Time to Come Home

I'm writing today from The University of Colorado Boulder where I am picking up my daughter from her sophomore year of college. It is hard to believe she is half way through, and even harder to believe that my son graduates in just a few weeks from NYU.

We all relate to the ebb and flow of the school year because we have all been students. The school calendar dictates our lives in many ways more than the regular calendar of January - December. As we near the end of the spring semester, it can be somewhat hard to stay afloat. As they say, May is the new December, and April is the new May. There is so much to do, and so many endings - even though most of us will see each other again in just a few weeks after a too short summer.

As a kid, summer means vacation; as a college student it often means coming home. The feeling of home means so many different things for different people. What does it look like for you? What truly feels like home to you? It may or may not be your childhood home or where parents live or lived. But you always know the feeling when you've reached it - and you know what it feels like when you've arrived at home.

John and I have never bought a sofa that we didn't ask the questions, "Is this comfortable for a nap? Would our friends feel comfortable enough to lounge here and put their feet up? Is this deep enough to make us feel like we are comfortable?" I love nothing better when friends feel at home in my home. And everyone who visits often knows I'm a terrible host - because we want you to feel at home I often forget to ask if you need anything. I just want you to feel you belong and truly make yourself at home. Grab a blanket or make a coffee. Relax. Take time to breathe during this insane month. There really is space for you to let it all go - if only for a few moments.

As summer comes, I look forward to time with my own young adult kids, their friends, our friends, and our family. I am grateful beyond measure that being together is easier than it has been in over two long years. It is time to come home.

May the love of God enfold you like a blanket on the sofa of a friend. May you find a sense of home, no matter where that is, and may you be surrounded by laughter and light.

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