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Try a Little Tenderness

First recorded in 1932, and versions made famous by many including Otis Redding and Frank Sinatra, "Try a Little Tenderness" is a gentle reminder to take care of the people we love. Sometimes we all just need a little tenderness.

In today's culture of cancelling others out, screaming and yelling, cyber courage, and broken relationships - gratitude is the name of the game. Maybe you can consider trying a little tenderness. Holiday weeks can be filled with love and also with stress. Where can you express gratitude?

If you feel your heart closing in during these days instead of opening out - try a little tenderness. Stop. Breathe. Think of where you are most filled with joy. Make a point to speak a blessing to someone you love, to the clerk at the store, to a child. See where you can be gentle - to others, to yourself.

May your table be full, and your hearts be fuller.

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