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4 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Starting into summer but already realizing that vacation season seems less like a break and more like just a different busy schedule with less structure and a lot of sweating?

I wanted to share a few ways with you to help make summer restful instead of rushed.

⁠I've put together 4 simple ways to make the most of your summer. Even if one of these resonates with you, it can help you center on your priorities this summer and help you cultivate some peace. Summer is so short - let's make it restful instead of rushed.

  1. Be committed to REST. However you fill your days, you just finished a busy spring season. Why make summer just another extension of busy? Commit to at least one restful act each week of summer. One per day would be even better!

  2. Be committed to RESET. Summer is a great time to take honest stock of your calendar. How will you be sure the fall / winter / spring reflects what you most value? Be committed to resetting your lifestyle. What do you need to rethink so you aren't in an endless addiction to busy?

  3. Be committed to STOP RUSHING. Stop! In the name of love, just stop! Life isn't a series of interstates. Summer is a country road. Slow down. Everyone needs a change of pace in the summer. Stop rushing. Commit to taking a deep breath when things feel like too much.

  4. Be committed to RECREATION. Best part of summer? As soon as possible, get with your family or make your own personal Summer Bucket List. What do you want to look forward to? What is nostalgic about summer? Let's catch some fireflys, let's go to the lake, let's sign up for the library summer reading program. It's summer - let's have some fun! Recreation or Re-Creation? You can create a different way of doing summer!

You just have a few weeks. Why not take advantage of it and use this season to rest, reset, stop rushing, and enjoy recreation? There is always a to - do list. Making memories should be moved to the top whenever it can be!

Save this post as a reminder, and don't forget - I can help you focus on peace, people, and priorities. If you want to know more, just send me a message or check out our registration page for upcoming gatherings. Here's to summer!

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