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God, is is a brand new year and I am full of promises.

The holidays are over and I am ready for something new,

ready for your promises to hurry up and get started now.

I've been patient, at least as patient as I could be -

I was ready for Epiphany - for my own epiphany -

I am ready for your promises to manifest and show themselves.

I am tired of hide and seek.

I am itching to get going.

I desire to move and be moved.

I am asking sacred questions and I am pondering ancient texts.

You are waiting.

You are showing me cocoons and stalling my butterflies.

You are teasing me with shadows slipping around corners,

that I cannot see well.

You tempt me with wisdom, with wonder.

God, I do not desire to make resolutions.

I don't desire to plant my flag for what I think should happen.

I want you to find me in this exodus and remind me of a promised land.

But one I can see and taste and breathe in -

Not a land filled with battles, with locusts, with giants I must face.

I am so tired of giants.

But still, I desire to keep walking, to get going, to make a difference.

To feel peace and the rush of good love.

God, please find me here and make me new again too.

I want some of that precious promise .

Remind me that calendars are not how you count....

but give me grace as I count the days

in the meantime

until then

while I wait.

I long to be new and be about new things.

Give me the courage to be ready when you are.

Brandi Diamond, January 4, 2009

Pain can be sacred too.... How did we ever get the idea that God would supply us on demand with quick fixes, that God is merely a rescuer and not a midwife? - Sue Monk Kidd, When the Heart Waits

Behold, I make all things new.

Revelation 21:5

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