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Everyday Superheroes

I've really missed going to the movies. This summer has been the return of the big action movies and I have loved it. Going to see Indiana Jones and the new Mission Impossible did not disappoint. Other big titles are on my "coming soon" list. I am so glad to return to the dark and quiet theater, sitting alone or with friends and family, enjoying the incredible world of storytelling on the big screen.

I also am loving the return of the superhero plot - whether Ethan Hunt, Indiana Jones, or one of the many Marvel blockbusters - that is just the beginning of those saving the world for humanity without us even knowing. When I was a little girl, I *loved* Wonder Woman. Being that for a long time she was the only female superhero with exposure, she certainly inspired many. My mom likes to tell stories of me eating Smarties candies and spinning around in a circle. When she asked me what I was doing, I told her I was becoming Wonder Woman. If only that was all it took.

I'm not sure how I made the connection between Smarties candies and activation of my superhero powers, but I think of it now still every time I see those. Lately I was thinking of the people around me who will never be on the big screen and whose stories will never be known, but they are everyday superheroes all the same. I think of a friend who is an amazing teacher, and who pays out of her own pocket to provide for her classroom and students who need help. I think of a mom I know with four littles during the pandemic who somehow made it look easy when I know it wasn't. I think of a hotel staff person on a recent vacation who ran to save an item that belonged to me from the laundry. I think of a friend who came over once even when I didn't want company, who showed up with a big piece of candy and sat on the edge of my bed with me and my broken heart. I think of a friend who told her story in a big way, sharing her brokenness and her healing in the the hope that someone else - even one other person - could be spared the pain she went through by hearing her story. I could fill this page and much more with the brave acts of heroism around us every day that often just don't get noticed.

If we just look around just a little bit, maybe with a new set of super-goggles, we WILL find little miracles in the making. Think for a moment about the people who are superheroes in your life. I bet you can easily name at least five. What will you do today to honor the way they live their lives - just by saying, "Hey, I noticed this about you..."

Recently I was telling John one of the many reasons I like a mutual friend of ours. We were driving in the car and he said, "let's call him and tell him that." So we did. And I think it not only meant a lot to him, but it meant a lot to us. We started thinking we should do that all the time, that maybe we should just keep a list of people we love that need to know it. Wow, what an incredible movement that would be, and SO incredibly fun!

It costs absolutely nothing but a few minutes of your time to notice a superhero. I'd love to feature any stories you'd like to share about someone who is inspiring to you. Let me know in the comments or scroll to the bottom of our homepage to "let's connect" to tell me more about your favorite everyday superhero.

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