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Holding Out Hope

In this first week of Advent, we are asked to consider Hope. It can be a dangerous thing. Hope it sometimes all that stands between us and our greatest dreams, the most frightening diagnosis, the anticipation of the future, our excitement and anticipation. Emily Dickinson famously described it as “Hope” is the thing with feathers - That perches in the soul..." It flutters its wings inside our hearts and is our ultimate anchor in times of both fear and longing.

A long time ago I wrote this quote and have often returned to it. Hope is the thing that tethers us to shore. Truth is what allows us to sail on.

I am thankful beyond measure for the hope that tethers me to shore, that allows me to hold on, that flutters in my heart. I have come to realize I am sometimes also a slow learner, waiting long beyond what would be considered reasonable with hope that needs to face the truth so I can move forward. Truth comes in the form of getting the news we've been waiting on. It comes as perspective shifts. It comes when understanding dawns. And sometimes truth allows us a happy sailing, with a bottle of champagne broken to christen our next steps - and other times sets us adrift into a dark and lonely sea.

As we begin the Advent journey, full of a pregnant waiting, we are in between Hope and Truth. They are sisters that go hand in hand. Like the Prophets in the Bible, sometimes they come bearing good news, and other times a more daunting reality.

Whatever you are facing today, may you be blessed with Hope and Truth. May they wrap you in their arms as you wait on the shore. May they launch you forward into the best dreams you can imagine. May they speak gently to you.

If you need a circle of friends to wait along with you during these days, we are here for you. Email Brandi by visiting our website and clicking the "connect" button under "more" at the top of the page.

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