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My son Taylor went for an amazing post college graduation trip with three of his closest friends. It was a long trip, and honestly I wasn't ever quite sure where they were or what time it was. We spent a few weeks texting at odd hours, occasionally connecting for a phone call.

A few weeks earlier Taylor had flown back to New York as he finished his senior year, and realized he had accidentally left his car keys in his pocket. We had him mail them back to us before he left on his big trip. He wrote,

As I leave for my trip I am reminded of the message you left for me on these keys. Drive safely, enjoy the ride. I'll see you when I return. Love and thanks, Taylor

These words were engraved on a keyring I bought for him when he first got his driver's license. His note really touched me as I was reminded this isn't just good driving advice, it is good life advice. I'm so glad he took it to heart.

Today I am flying back from Boulder as I drop Bailey off for her junior year of college. She is moving into her first apartment with her friend Claire, and she too is ready for a new adventure. She'll have a new kind of keyring, but the same words still ring true. I hope we can all remember the "key" message. Be safe, have fun, you are loved.

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