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As many of you know, I love spending time with kids and their parents. Over the last year, I have been praying for new ways to connect with families. As I talk to friends, especially those with young children, I am reminded of the importance time and time again of creating fun spaces for faith.

My friend DeDe recently posted an article called Be the Church that Embraces Children, Not Just Tolerates Them, and I loved all the reminders it shared about how important children's ministry is. While my current work here is not church work, it is the work of the church, because I think we are all called to support our youngest disciples and encourage their parents. We are called to be neighbors and friends.

Therefore, I'm excited to announce a new offering called Neighborhood. Neighborhood is our concept for growing families in faith. We believe in "neighbor theology" - loving the people around us and sharing community. Think of it as an additional supplement to your church's children's ministry, or simply use it to connect with other families in our neighborhood. Every few months we will have a little gathering just to have fun together and grow in faith.

Our first one is called Neighborhood: Poolside. This will be our kick off event, a chance to connect with other families, and an opportunity to hear more about future plans. There is no agenda other than fellowship! Bring your swimsuits and towels and let's have fun. Check out the link and sign up, as space is limited. Have questions? Just let Brandi know! We'd love to be Neighbors!

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