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Easter didn't end on April 9th. Easter is a season for the church, not just a day. So how will you reflect the hope of resurrection in the coming weeks? Easter springs forward, blossoms into what's next, calls us to dream and imagine. Resurrection promises that when you can't see a way out, there's gonna be one. Good News says there is something growing through the cracks in the sidewalk. There are broken vessels being overlaid and held together with gold.

For me, it is the excitement of new things on the horizon, new dreams, new ways of doing life. Rob Bell says "Resurrection says that what we do with our lives matters... so every act of compassion matters, every work of art that celebrates the good and true matters, every good and honest act... every kind word, they all [matter]."

I have a lot of dreams and hopes that feel like part of my own Easter season story. I feel the call of next steps all the time - and that is part of how we seek resurrection - that what felt broken actually has a whole new story. I'm honored to be hearing some of your hopes as well, how broken things can become beautiful. Part of my personal vision of new things is reflected in some updates on my website. I have a fresh look thanks to Sarah Baxter Photography and her pouring into me and listening to my vision. But this update isn't just looks. It is a host of new offerings as I dream ahead of what in our lives longs for resurrection - for hope - for promise. As I listen to friends in this community share what you're looking for, about how much we all need safe places to land - I'm excited for what's next. Easter promise is that God is with us still, directing our paths and offering hope to the world.

So, I'll ask again. How will you reflect the hope of resurrection in the coming weeks?

Dr. Michaela O’Donnell of the Fuller De Pree Center says "So much of life—including our work—mirrors the resurrection arc. When we experience setback, change, and loss, we’re living in the wake of Good Friday. When we’re grieving what was and hoping for what might be, we’re in the holding pattern of Holy Saturday. And when we experience new life sprouting on the heels of pain, we’re invited by God to delight in the surprise and joy of Easter Sunday. I like to think of the everyday moments when our work and our lives mirror the resurrection arc as 'small r' resurrection moments."

Oh that you may be called forward into this season of Easter! May you notice and love those 'small r' resurrection moments. May your dreams rise to the surface. May you have the courage to face your fears. May what felt empty be left behind and replaced with pure joy.

What in your life needs to feel the hope of resurrection? May it be so.

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