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What Are You Doing Here?

Hey there! What brings you to this page, this community, this headspace? What are you looking for, longing for, hoping for this year? I'd love to know as we barrel through January where you find yourself.

I'd love to take a moment to re-introduce myself and let you know what I'm doing here. I'm Brandi, and I love helping friends find the peace they crave, people they love, and priorities they need. I do this by creating group settings where people can feel safe, have fun, and work on growing. Not bragging, but hey - I firmly believe our little community has some of the BEST circles around!

I started these groups because I have always longed for places to have meaningful conversations about deep topics without being judged. I've always wanted a circle of friends that could count on one another and help each other out. I've always hoped for spaces that could help me heal and grow. And turns out - I wasn't alone!

I love my work every day, because I get to connect with some incredible people (like YOU!) who are also interested in finding spirituality, social outlets, and centering activities. My work also allows me to travel (my wish list is so long!), watch movies (simple pleasure), read (so much reading!), go out with friends (quality time), and laugh A LOT. I get to be a cheerleader for life changes, see what happens when people really bond, and share some of the latest research, insights, ...and gifs! I feel incredibly thankful to be able to do what God is calling me to do. And - oh yeah! - I am also pursuing my doctorate. YES!!

Whether you are one of my best friends, or a friend I haven't even met yet, I'd love to hear from you! Let me know where you are heading in 2024, and how I can be on your team.

AND - Tag a friend below or share this blog post to let them know about all the unique experiences we are having at

I can't wait for what's up ahead!

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