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May the 4th be with you...

You have heard it said, "May is the new December."

But I say to you, "April was the new May."

You have heard it called, "Mayhem."

But I say to you, "May the 4th be with you..."

This time of year has become particularly busy for everyone I know, but especially for the parents of small kids. It is time to pay the piper so to speak, or maybe celebrate with the piper - because every single thing you've been a part of for the last nine months is going to have a good bye party. It is like a pregnancy blooming to fruition. May explodes in both beginnings and endings.

I think we all need to be purposeful about changing our thinking about May. If we just have a slight mind shift, we can lean into May as an intentional time of self care and renewal, rather than the experience of trying with all of your might to just slide into home plate. After all - this IS a time to celebrate. We are saying goodbye to a long year of activities, school, business. We are saying hello to summer, hopefully a time of rest and self preservation.

You do not need to have a kid in school to feel this ebb and flow right now. The church marks that we are still in the season of Easter, which marks not only Jesus' resurrection but our own. It isn't supposed to be a time of weariness but joy.

So, how do we change that mindset? Is it even possible to change our calendars? Because we have to admit that whether we like it or not, we have a lot to do in the coming days.

  • We check our calendars, but there is nothing that says we have to attend every function.

  • We can think "I have to do this" or we can think "I get to do this."

  • We *can* carve out a little time, or a lot of time, to take a deep breath, a long bath, a cup of coffee, read a book. If you don't slow it down for your body, your body will slow it down for you. Be proactive. It is essential, not a luxury.

  • Remember that every day is a possibility, every minute good fortune. Lean into gratitude. What can you say thanks over right now?

May is what you make it. So, May the 4th be with you - just 4 days in a lot of days to go. It is up to you to take charge of your sanity. Stress or celebration - which will it be?

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